Friday, September 22, 2017

September 22, 2017

Dear Diary,

I knew it was only a matter of time until the wheels came off of Obozo and Kerry's Iran deal. I'm sure glad I was kicked out of left the State Department before it piled into that train wreck in Geneva. Now I hear that even that French homo president Macron has his panties in a bunch because he doesn't trust those towel heads, either. Apparently, someone woke him in his playpen to tell him those Iranians have been busy working on nuclear tipped missiles and it got him upset. You can't give someone like that bad news without burping him first, but as usual, nobody listens to me.

That Geneva meeting was a loser from the get-go. Everyone knew the Iranians weren't going to comply by the way Kerry ordered lunch. TO begin with, they found out that he ordered ham and swiss sandwiches for lunch, which was a major faux pas because those people would sooner recognize the State of Israel than eat a pig. Second, he waited until after lunch to start the real negotiations, and if you know anything about doing deals, you never start after lunch because by that time, everyone is sleepy and just wants to go home.

Trust me, there's nothing more difficult than a grumpy, sleepy arab.

It's no secret now, but back then nobody wanted to admit that Kerry is a dumb as a bag of bricks.  The only reason he was even offered Secretary of State was to get him out of the country so that we wouldn't have to listen to his constant whining. Jesus, that man could complain about anything. Congress would be debating about North Korean sanctions or mobilizing thousands of troops in Afghanistan and all he could do was yammer on about how there wasn't enough ketchup for his french fries at lunch.

Even Obozo didn't want him at the State department. I remember the day Obozo  called me in to review Kerry's job application. Under the Qualifications part, he wrote, "I'm tall." We both kind of rolled our eyes.

Well, that's all their problem now. I kept telling them that it takes a village, but all they really wanted was a non-woman in charge, because those ragheads still don't treat women as equals. I don't know why. After all, I can bring in a tea set as gracefully as anyone.


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