Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 5, 2017

Dear Diary,

I'm still wondering what I should wear to Carrot Head's coronation inauguration.  Something tells me I should make it understated, because despite all the heartbreak, I am the bridesmaid, not the bride.  So it's between the red velvet pants suit or the $12,000 St. John's pant suit.  One looks a bit over the top and the other makes me look like Santa Claus.  I have to think on this.  Maybe wait for the Valium fog to lift before I finally decide.

I feel a LOT better than I did yesterday, thanks mainly to Dr. Morell, who upped my Xanax just for this month. I have to say, that if it weren't for Obamacare, I don't know how I'd be managing these days.  I don't know why everyone complains about Obamacare, it works fine for me.  I just call Dr. Morell, he shows up, bills the Foundation his monthly retainer and it's done.  It's so much more efficient than the old days, when I had to shop eight different doctors to bulk up on prescriptions. I sure hope Chuck Schumer can save it.  I think it's so cute the way he got all those sheep Democrats in Congress to twist Carrot Head's campaign phrase into "Make America Sick Again."  What I don't understand is why he would want to make America sick again. Isn't the whole point of doctors to make people feel better?

Admittedly, I am confused about this.

Then again, I was never a big Schumer fan. That whole family strikes me as pretty phony.  For one thing, his hair looks almost as bad as Joe Biden's, which is something else I never figured out.  If you're scamming as much money from donors as "Creepy Joe" has, can't you spend a little extra to make the hair plugs looks real?  I've been in meetings where nobody can concentrate on anything  because they keep staring at Joe's scalp and wondering what's par for his head.

Anyway, Chuck has always been Mr. Stab-In-The-Back, and believe me, his fat cousin Amy isn't any better. She's not funny. She's just rich, so she thinks everyone listens to her when she spews all that crap about how we should tolerate 37 genders but not tolerate semi-automatics and AR-17s.  I know all about that. In fact, between us dear diary, I'm pretty sure that was what that Jew troll Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told me to say, which is eventually why I fired her dumpy ass.

God, I hate that woman. I hope she and Podesta rot from horrible cancer and have to rely on Obamacare to treat them. That would serve them right.

Hmmmm.  Maybe the green pants suit.

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