Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017

Dear Diary,

Good news! Dr. Morell had decided that since my levels were improving, we probably could dial down the Lorazepam, which should help with the drowsiness.  But when he found out how my sneaking peeks at the New York Times was causing more seizures, he put me right back on the "daily little green diet" so I'm back to napping a lot.

I can't help it.  I'm a news hound. I always was. And the article I read about the unemployment rate in this country had me pretty steamed. All the media does these days is lie about stuff.  E-mail, non-profit Foundations, not sending help to Libyan embassies -- it's all lies.  The media know how to distort it without any accountability at all.  It pains me to know the truth about these stories, since I was there for most of them.  They never report the cover-ups unvarnished truth the way my press secretary spins it it actually happens.

The other day, for example, they said that unemployment was back down at five percent, but that's such a fake number!  I know from experience that unemployment is practically zero and has been for quite some time.  In the first place, do you have any idea how difficult is it to find full time help here in New York?  I mean to find a woman (or a man, because I'm not sexist) who will do windows and change adult diapers?  Not easy, my friend.  It took threats of deportation a lot of searching and interviewing before I convinced Bessie to wipe my lady parts without complaining. It's just part of the job, but it was a very difficult position to fill with very few takers!

Another thing I don't understand:  There are so many people working two or even three jobs out there!  That sounds like a lot of people working to me, with plenty of jobs to go around!  When I was a young girl, we were lucky to find one job that paid minimum wage.  Now I hear all those jobs are being snapped up, sometimes two or three at a time!  Sounds like Obozo got all those people working, but you know the media -- they don't want truth. They just want blood.

Also, we had boiled chicken for lunch and Dr. Morell let me use my knife!  Progress!

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