Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 9, 2017

Dear Diary,

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed not having to work International Women's Day.  It was so pointless empowering, and reminded me of how important it is to throw minorities a bone to keep them quiet continue the struggle of non-white, non-males in this country and the rest of the world.

I remember when Martin Luther King Day wasn't even a holiday, but after all those riots and property damage due consideration, white people the ruling class the Congress decided that maybe things would settle down if we gave Negroes black people Afro-Americans their own Federal holiday.  It was sort of like International Women's Day, except that everyone didn't show up for work, not just the Negroes black people Afro-Americans.

All the states signed on pretty quickly to that one, because the natives were getting restless and insurance rates were skyrocketing the mood of the country was changing.  Well, most of the states signed on in 1986. Arizona held out until 2000, when they were threatened with losing the hosting of the Super Bowl, or something like that, and then all of a sudden John McCain became Abraham Lincoln and next thing you know, Arizona was ordering party hats in bulk to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.  Give me a break. Big war hero folded like a house of cards.

I love holidays, especially the ones that empower women. I was almost the most empowered woman in the world, but states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan totally fucked me over made the difference so that Carrot Head is calling the shots sits on the throne getting all the attention in the White house instead of me.  But does it really matter?  Can't we persist and resist if we're truly empowered?

Fuck no. I deserved that job.  Perhaps. Maybe by bribing and spying and planting fake news organizing with determination, we can turn the tide and put me back on top where I belong reclaim the promise of empowerment.  I'm very concerned, for example, with the situation in Syria.

As Bill was spoon-feeding me my oatmeal this morning, he mentioned something about how Carrot Head has given the military a free hand in unloading on those rag heads putting down those arab dogs ISIS strongholds in Syria, without telling anyone else about it.  Apparently, he's sending in Marines and not announcing it.  That's SO stupid!  Everyone knows that you always have committee meetings first, then announce your military plans to the press BEFORE you act.  Otherwise, it's not a democracy!  What happened to transparency? I think the ridiculous idea of surprising the enemy is why everyone thinks Carrot Head is a fascist dictator.  Even before John Kerry flew in James Taylor into France for air support, he made sure to issue a press release and get permission.

This is just one reason I'm sure Carrot Head doesn't have the temperament for office.  You don't win a war with guns and rockets and B-1 bombers.  You win it by talking it out and sharing your feelings.  If I had won the you-know-what, you would have seen a totally different military.

For one thing, those drab green uniforms would have to go.  I'd like to see something in a cotton print.

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