Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 28, 2017

Dear Diary,

Other than a mysterious crusty thing growing in between the fourth and pinky toe on my right foot, I'm feeling pretty good overall.  On Dr. Morell's advice, I still don't go out in public.  He says it's because some of my meds make me hyper-sensitive to sunlight, but I overheard him talking to Bill in the hallway and the real reason is that he thinks I'd get shot by an illegal alien.  We live in an all white a nice part of town, but as we all learn, drug-addled dark people always find their way to rich neighborhoods illegal aliens make the best domestic servants it's a jungle out there and a girl can't be too careful.

I feel sorry for the dark people those smelly bums undocumented immigrants. For the life of me, I can't understand why Carrot Head is tightening the noose on sanctuary cities.  It seems so cruel to me. These people have fled the random murders, rapes and violence of repressive regimes in their own countries; Who are we to say they can't commit random murders, rapes and violence right here in the good old USA?  Isn't freedom what America is all about?  Honestly, those Republicans are so hypocritical:  One minute they're all for guns and the Second Amendment and the next minute, they want to restrict the illegal aliens who use them.  That just isn't fair.

Bill has always been a strong advocate for sanctuary cities.  Even back when he was governor, he was very adamant about allowing undocumented aliens into Arkansas.  He said they were great for target practice the local economy because they squealed like pigs with rock salt in their asses worked hard and never complained, unless they got uppity and actually demanded minimum wage had real medical issues.  We've always been very compassionate people.

I certainly hope Carrot Head and Jeff Sessions don't proceed with their plans to withhold Federal funds from sanctuary cities, because it will affect non-wetbacks rich white people ordinary citizens, too.  For example, there are a lot of flaming homosexuals prancing around cultural programs in San Francisco that would dry up, forcing many of those sexual deviants out of adult toy stores employed in the arts to get their minds off their Judy Garland record collections and actually punch a clock pouring hot pumpkin spice latt├ęs.

I think the whole issue is very confusing.  On the one hand, poor people we certainly need to respect the law.  On the other, it's very unfair and childish to withhold money just because things don't go your way.  It takes a village, you know.  People should talk out their differences.  And keep the money flowing.

I just hope the arabs feel the same way.  The Clinton Foundation just canceled my dental coverage.

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