Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25. 2017

Dear Diary,

What a depressing day! Everywhere I turn, all I see human tragedy, often with stories about how millions of people were slaughtered because of something or other.  Apparently, the twentieth century was filled with enough mass murder that there's even a holiday for it.  Naturally, the Jews are way out in front on this one with their Holocaust Remembrance Day.  You have to hand it to those people, they have a real knack for media.  Even though Hitler killed an additional five million gays, gypsies and other people he found distasteful, the Jews never let you forget about their six million.  I bet there's a postage stamp about their Holocaust before the Post Office issues one for Prince.

I think the Armenians have been taking notes from the Jews, because I watched Mr. Maddow follow up his report with something about the Turks grinding Armenians into hamburger, too.  That was a tougher call, because both of those peoples are so dark and very difficult to tell apart.  They're all brunettes.  Not a blonde in the bunch, unless you count the white women they steal enslave with whom they interbreed after sending their kids to British private schools.

The Armenians were smart: They latched on to the Jewish tragedy to slingshot their own story into the mainstream media.  My people were never that smart during the you-know-what.  They were too busy fixing poll numbers bribing the media having meetings about logos and slogans to get anything done.


Turks and Hitler aside, I was shocked to learn that when it comes to mass slaughter, you simply can't beat the Chinks those Chinese people and the Russkies. I looked it up. Josef Stalin wiped out over 20 million of his own people during his reign and in the early sixties, Mao Tse Tung took the axe to over 45 million of his.  That's terrible, although in China it's hard to tell who's missing because they all look alike to me that country is so populous.

Still, when you do the math, it adds up to tens of millions of innocent people murdered in hideous fashion, by fascists and psychopaths who were never really held accountable for their actions.

When you consider all that, those Vince Foster and Ron Brown stories don't seem so terrible.

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