Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017

Dear Diary,

I can't believe it's June already. Six months since the you-know-what. Dr. Morell says I'm doing well, although he's concerned that the cough and incontinence has persisted way longer than he expected. I can handle the cough, but the ammonia fumes from the urine-soaked diapers does burn my eyes a lot.

By the way, that's actually where I got that whole "Persist and Resist" thing. Most people think it was another Podesta production, but it was pretty obvious to me from the get go. You can't be hacking up snot balls for months on end and miss a concept like "persistence." Especially when you run out of Kleenex and don't know whether to spit or swallow.

The whole idea of persistence is a classic notion. Who can think about today, June 6, without remembering our brave, persistent America forces on the beaches of Normandy during D-Day? It was a turning point in the second world war, when America helped liberate those ungrateful snowflakes Europe from Hitler's war machine.

Today, June 6 means many things to many people.  For example, Chel has an orthodontist appointment at 3:30 today. It's taken close to twenty years to straighten those choppers, and Dr. Mengele says that aside from taking a hammer and chisel to them, there's not much more he can do. Essentially, she has the teeth of a seven foot tall man. I guess she can thank Webb for that.

Dr. Mengele tells me to just be thankful Chel finally hooked a husband is healthy, and to feed her a carrot or a lump of sugar every once in a while. Twenty years is a long time, but Dr. Mengele persisted, too. He never gave up. Over that time, he not only worked on Chel's teeth, but administered injections that changed her eye color from brownish to blue.

When I look at Europe today, I see a bunch of muzzie hordes bent on destroying western civilization world of people persisting in making us one world, one planet. I think that's a fine idea as long as I don't have to smell their goats.

I don't have a problem with the muslims taking over persisting in their quest for global domination respect and dignity.  I would never wear a turban, though. I wouldn't want everyone to think I have cancer.

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