Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017

Dear Diary,

Although I don't get the daily newspaper until Dr. Morell has censored it Bessie brings it to me, I believe that the big news of the week has to be the London fire the Washington shootings the tremendous success of the Wonder Woman movie.

I am so heartened by the idea that the top move in the country is about a young, yummy brunette packed tightly into a form fitting outfit superhero who is not all muscle-bound or hairy. Well, I guess she could be because she's Israeli, but make-up can cover that.

The idea that a woman can run faster and leap higher than most men is an image more women need to see, because most of them probably missed that gender-confused Frankenstein claiming to be a woman who dragged his dick across the finish line at that women's track meet the other day don't have real role models to emulate. This country needs more young women for butch dykes to seduce pick up the mantle and lead the way!

I've been a big Wonder Woman fan ever since the Lynda Carter days on television. She was a little boxy at the waist, but the way that costume pushed up her knobs really made her cups runneth over, if you get my drift. Also, she wasn't very good at spinning up her powers because she had to trot in one place like a circus horse, which wasn't very convincing. But her skin was really creamy looking and so, so lickable radiant.

One of the things I love most about Wonder Woman is that she's always white a brunette. If we were still lovers working together, I'd buy Huma a Wonder Woman outfit. She's a brunette and would look great with that belt cinched around her waist.  Also, the boots would lift her butt and make her legs look longer.  Truth is that Huma had gorgeous dark eyes, but looked a little stumpy when she wasn't wearing heels. God, I miss that heartbreaking bitch little whore woman's wisdom and friendship.

Of course, there's always something that has to go wrong, and from what I understand, this new Wonder Woman is a Jewess, which explains why every time this Wonder Woman rescues someone, she asks for a receipt. There are other changes, too. Apparently, this one is Israeli and gets her magic powers from hummus. I don't know why Hollywood can never leave a good thing alone.

I don't know that I'll be able to see the movie in at the cineplex before it's gone. I'll have to see if Podesta can torrent it.  He's a sneaky little shit.

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