Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017

Dear Diary,

I'm beginning to think that this whole "resist and persist" thing may not be working out. Last night, I had to double up on the Prozac when I heard the results of special elections that were supposed to be rigged across the kingdom country. What's wrong with these stupid peasants voters? How can they keep voting for Carrot Head's minions when mine are so gender-confused much better?

More importantly, who can I blame for this how can we avoid these losses in the future?

I realize that if we don't do something soon, I could lose a lot of cash donations many stupid young people who do nothing but whine and play video games commoners are going to see the party as a big bag of losers. Between you and me, I wouldn't blame them. I still have a glass ceiling prop rotting away in a Washington D.C. warehouse that's costing me plenty in storage fees.  We're going to have to score some wins here, and I don't mean those stupid "moral victories" that these morons well-wishers keep trotting out during their concession speeches.

I know all about moral victories and they suck. The real money is in hoodwinking getting the hayseeds common people into office. There's no profit comfort to be taken in reposting pansy-ass tweets from George Takei, either.  What's with that guy, anyway? I don't want to sound harsh, but you'd think by now he'd have figured out that mincing around clutching his Bichon-Frisé isn't exactly helping matters.

Note to self: Have Takei beamed up to same planet as Seth Rich.

What's so frustrating is that there's so many people I could blame much I can do if Dr. Morell would just sign those halfway house papers that would put me on a work-release therapy regimen I could be out there instead of taking walks in the woods all the time. All that woods-walking is just a story cooked up by Podesta, anyway. There are no woods. There are no walks. I'm pretty sure that during nap time, Bessie tip toes into my room and scatters a few ticks in the bed and makes hooting owl sounds to convince me I've been out there.

It's weird.

Still waiting for Chuck Schumer to stop by and explain what a "meme" is.

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