Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 5, 2017

Dear Diary,

My goodness, what a long day I had! Around 11 AM -- which is a good three hours before the Ambien wears off -- Bessie woke me up to tell me that "Mister Bill" (she calls him that) was having guests over and that Dr. Morell was taking me for a ride in the country. I love a good car ride as much as anyone, so after a quick change of my diaper and a wipe down, Bessie dragged me into the transport chair, packed me a bologna sandwich and snapped the chin strap on my helmet.

We were all set to go!

I have no idea what Bill had planned for the whole day, he just wanted me out of the house. As Bessie was wheeling me out, we must have passed a few stacks of boxes with a large "KY" stamped on the side. Other than that, I saw a bunch of Mexican-looking people covering with drop cloths and the furniture in plastic wrap, so whatever he's doing, hopefully it won't leave spots. Stains are a bitch to get out of leather.

Bessie lifted me into Dr. Morell's Bentley, which is a really nice car. Expensive, too! I have no idea how Dr. Morell can afford it on his salary, but he just smiled as he buckled my safety belt and jammed another needle in my arm. He said it was to prevent car-sickness. I thought I felt my eyes rolling in to the back of my head, but next thing I knew, we were on a country road. I'm still not sure how my seat belt became unfastened or why my pants were down around my ankles, but boy, was it good to get out of the house. I stuck my head out the window and let the breeze blow through my wig hair, enjoying the sunshine with my tongue hanging out until Dr. Morell scolded me about drooling on the car door.  I have to admit, that was kind of a bad look.

One thing I noticed was the terrible condition of roads, bridges and tunnels in our country. Everywhere we went, we saw indications that American infrastructure really is in need of repair. People can see the terrible conditions of roads and bridges in plain daylight, but it's the tunnels that are most overlooked. Tunnels are very popular around the world, like in Paris, where they help the peasants working people avoid traffic. They're also among the most efficient means of covering up state sanctioned murders breaking up urban congestion. Just ask the House of Windsor. They're expert on this stuff. We need more tunnels here in America, especially if I'm going to run again in 2020 we want to eliminate enemies with no questions asked get our economy going again!

Note to self: Get Podesta on the infrastructure thing. Costs and locations of tunnels, and names of everyone who contributed to that hit piece book about me.

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