Monday, October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today is another one of those confusing days. I was sure it was Columbus Day, but for some reason, everyone wants to call it Indigenous People's Day, which I think it really stupid because the non-woman who discovered America wasn't Christopher Indigenous People. That doesn't even sound Italian.

This kind of change doesn't make sense to me. People need to understand they can't just re-write history or pretend things didn't happen. It's not like you can simply wipe a server with Bleachbit and claim you're technologically illiterate. Congress might buy it, but nobody else gets fooled.

Been there. Done that.

Columbus Day has always held a special place in my wallet heart, ever since the Mafia bought off Cook County and West Virginia for John Kennedy back in the sixties I learned about the great contributions the wops Italian-Americans have made to the Clinton Foundation our country. Without the masonry skills of Italians, for example, we'd probably know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried never have built the New York subway system. If it weren't for Italians, many American cities would never have guys named Sal or Guido hanging around strip clubs wearing polyester jogging suits and pinky rings great buildings and cathedrals.

Apparently, there are people who think Italians should be ashamed of Columbus Day, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. I suspect that most of the protesters are postal employees, bank tellers and school teachers who whine about anything at the drop of a hat even though they still get the day off. I also hear that redskins Native Americans don't like the holiday, but they don't even have jobs, which means they only reason they'd be protesting is because the liquor stores are closed.

Well, no matter what, I've always embraced the Italians, even though they're greasy and dark not the real discoverers of North America. I'm certainly glad Chel didn't marry one, however. It's bad enough she mongrelized the family with a Jew.

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