Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Dear Diary,

Although she speaks only broken English, Bessie informed me yesterday about my good friend and wealthy donor the despicable acts committed by Harvey Weinstein. I simply don't understand how a non-woman that successful and talented could have gotten caught with his pants down victimize women the way he has.

From what I hear, Harvey would invite women up to his hotel room to watch him take a shower, which I don't know is so terrible. It could have been a lot worse. Then again, I recall how I scared an intern when she watched me taking a shower, so who really knows? As I recall, she didn't get the job, either.

I suspect that Harvey's getting the short end of the stick simply because he's fat and ugly rich and powerful. Even so, I'm surprised at the amount of heat he's taking. Typical of these Hollywood hypocrites. If he were a beached whale, they'd be all over themselves trying to get him off the sand. Funny how nobody complains about washing a sea mammal with water, but everyone loses their minds when it's a land mammal like Harvey.

Bill stained that little whore's dress and he still kept his job.

I believe that a good friend stands by her conspirators supporters, which nobody did for me during the you-know-what is why I find it so surprising to see so many Hollywood bitchers and whiners celebrities piling on poor Harvey. Now that I think about it, a lot of them used to pile on to Harvey, usually after dousing themselves with water-soluble lubes and ointments. I've got hand it to him: He might not win any beauty contests, but that old grizzled Jew sure knows how to party.

Normally, I'd be against some powerful oaf movie producer sexually victimizing or showering with having coffee with young, hapless starlets. That's just leading them on. But let's get real. It's not like the whores who'd bang a donkey in Tijuana to be in a movie starlets didn't know what they were in for. And for the record, these were luscious, young sophisticated blondes actresses and media people who looked awesome in bikinis and stiletto heels knew who and what Harvey can be like.

To be completely candid, I've taken a lot of money from known Harvey for a lot of years and can confidently say that, just like me, he likes them really stacked appreciates and encourages new talent. Among the interests we share are motorboating a pair of bodacious boobs a deep dedication to the Democratic party and diving on a smoothly-shaved muff enhancing the breasts rights of those who can't afford implants less fortunate.

I know what Harvey must be going through. I feel his pain. I just hope he doesn't call me until this whole kerfuffle dies down. It would be unseemly.

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